Family Law
Child Support & Custody

In the State of Colorado, both parents are obligated and have a duty to financially support their children and meet any and all needs. As a Colorado child support lawyer, Stephanie Bergner has the experience you need to handle these types of cases, from calculating support pursuant to the Child Support Guidelines to modification and enforcement.

The Bergner Law Office understands the difficulties inherent in dealing with our legal system and will be a steadfast advocate for your needs. We believe in transparency and a client-centered approach in each case.

Whether you are seeking to end your marriage, modify your existing child support, or enforce an existing alimony agreement, it is important to retain the services of an experienced family law practice you can trust. 

Family law issues are complicated and involve many relationships. We are committed to leading you through the process. We will do so with respect and professionalism when handling these complex relational issues.


As a family law attorney, Stephanie is best suited to objectively and competently handle your divorce case. Skillful legal advisement, such as that provided by Bergner Law Office, can save both time and money. Thus, limiting the emotional and financial burden on family and friends.  


Our clients are encouraged to actively participate in the development of case strategy and we strive to make legal transitions manageable and positive. We implement plans and procedures that address the needs of your family including: safety plans, estate planning, child support, maintenance, and the division of marital assets and debts.